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Undergraduate Seminar in Computer Systems (Fall 2016)

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  2. Will IEEE 802.15.4 make ubiquitous networking a reality?: a discussion on a potential low power, low bit rate standard, by Zheng and Lee, IEEE Communications Magazine, 2004.
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  4. (Meital, 14 Nov) The 6LoWPAN architecture by Geoff Mulligan, EmNets 2007.
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  6. (Anis, 21 Nov) Performance evaluation of IEEE 802.15.4 for low-rate wireless personal area networks, by Lee, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 2006.
  7. (Shachar, 28 Nov) Securing communication in 6LoWPAN with compressed IPsec, by Raza, Duquennoy, and Chung, DCOSS 2011.
  8. (Ophir, 28 Nov) 6LoWPAN Compressed DTLS for CoAP, by Raza, Trabalza, and Voigt, DCOSS 2012.
  9. (Yotam, 5 Dec) AoT: Authentication and Access Control for the Entire IoT Device Life-Cycle, Neto et al., SenSys 2016.
  10. (Yaron, 5 Dec) MQTT-S — A publish/subscribe protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks, by Hunkeler, Truong, and Stanford-Clark, COMSWARE 2008.
  11. (Nabil, 12 Dec) Empirical Validation of Commodity Spectrum Monitoring, Nika et al., SenSys 2016.
  12. (Daniel, 12 Dec) SNOW: Sensor Network over White Spaces, Saifullah et al, SenSys 2016. (a bit more EE than the others).
  13. (Raed, 19 Dec) Passive Wi-Fi: Bringing Low Power to Wi-Fi Transmissions, Kellogg, Talla, Gollakota, and Smith, NSDI 2016.
  14. (Ammar, 2 Jan) BackFi: High Throughput WiFi Backscatter, Bharadia, Joshi, Kotaru, Katti, SIGCOMM 2015.
  15. (Nizan, 26 Dec) SpotFi: Decimeter Level Localization using WiFi, Zhang, Bharadia, and Katti, SIGCOMM 2015.
  16. (Binyamin, 26 Dec) WearDrive: Fast and Energy-Efficient Storage for Wearables, Huang, Badam, Chandra, and Nightingale, USENIX ATC 2015.
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