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Programming Workshop: The Internet Of Things (Spring 2016)


Sivan Toledo, Tel-Aviv University
In collaboration with Microsoft

As time goes by, more and more devices devices contain computers, and more and more of them become connected to the internet. New cars are full of computers (about 100 in some models) that control the engine, the transmission, etc. Our household appliances are controlled by computers, and so are televisions, radios, electric bicycles, and so on. Some people envision a near future in which every light bulb and every light switch will be controlled by computers and many of these will be networked and connected to the internet. This is the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the workshop, students will learn to develop IoT systems that consist of a tiny computer that is interfaced to physical devices, connected to the internet, and uploads data or downloads instructions from internet servers (the so-called cloud).

More specifically, groups of students will learn to program small-form-factor computers called Raspberry Pi 2 that run Windows 10, to interface them to devices, and to create cloud-based systems.

Workshop Materials

Questions and Answers

  1. How many students will be in each group? 3
  2. Can we form smaller/larger groups? No; each group will receive a hardware kit and we have a limited number of them. We may not be able to accommodate 1 and 2-person groups and we will not allow groups larger than 3.
  3. Do I need to form a group/team before the semester starts? No, you can hook up with fellow students after the semester starts.
  4. The schedule shows workshop and lab hours; do I need to be available in all 5 hours? Yes. We will not have both sessions every week, but we will use both sessions sometimes, and these meetings are mandatory. If you don’t show up, you cannot complete the course (with obvious exceptions for illness etc).
  5. Do I need to know Windows programming/C#/Azure/Raspberry Pi? No, we will teach all of these things in the workshop meetings.
  6. When will we design and implement our projects? During the semester. We will distribute a schedule for the semester which will include certain milestones during the semester (project approvals, design reviews, etc).


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